Meet Marlene Casillas Winner of the WoofPack Giveaway

Meet Marlene Casillas Winner of the WoofPack Giveaway

Marlene Raises Funds for World's Largest Pet Walk Benefitting Pet Partners

Marlene Discusses World's Largest Pet Walk Experience

I joined the World's Largest Pet Walk in support of Pet Partners of Southern California after experiencing the healing power of pets firsthand, during visits with my dad at his skilled nursing facility.

My dad rarely speaks much anymore, but when I bring my dog Wyatt he laughs and talks and is much more engaged. The other residents also light up with smiles and joy when meeting Wyatt. It is powerful to witness and I wanted to give more people the opportunity to spend time with therapy dogs, so I decided to volunteer for this fundraiser.

Wyatt and I raised $625.00 - more than our original $500 goal - by asking friends and family to support our efforts. People could see immediately that pet therapy makes a direct impact on people's health and well-being.

Wyatt and I love spending time together. He loves to go on "sniffy walks" exploring every blade of grass and peeking under each bush or tree. He loves to eat...he dances for treats and gives "high fives." He also barks at any birds who dare fly over our yard. He is a great traveler, enjoys driving to the beach and loves to bask in sunshine. He also enjoys a nice outdoor café.

Wyatt is full of spunk and even at nearly 12 years old, he cracks me up with his antics. He loves to chase tennis balls. He has been known to snatch furry winter hats off people's heads or grab clothes from the dryer and dash out the doggie door. He's so full of love and kisses and snuggles every day. He insists on getting under the blankets every night.

Wyatt and I love the WoofPack. It frees my hands to hold he leash or throw a ball or just walk comfortably. It has a lot of compartments so I can bring my phone, keys, extra bags or treats - anything I need (including Wyatt's sunglasses). It's much better than trying to carry those items in my pockets which can feel awkward or heavy. WoofPack keeps every item secure and lets me separate items as needed. It's also super stylish and durable. I keep the Pack stocked with stuff and just grab it and go! I call it "Wyatt's bag."

To learn more about Pet Partners and how you can get involved in the World's Largest Pet Walk held every September, please visit

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