RunningDog Founder Bev Dillon Runs With the Pack

RunningDog Founder Bev Dillon Runs With the Pack

...And Loves Her (Woof)Pack

Beverly Dillon combined her love for dogs and passion for philanthropy by founding RunningDog. The nonprofit organization, based in Akron, Ohio, was launched in September 2015 and has achieved many milestones in its four years and now has another "chapter" in Stark County.

When she started RunningDog, Bev envisioned chapters nationwide and hopes to see more RunningDog programs take root.

Tell us more about RunningDog.

RunningDog's mission is to keep the adoptable dogs in the community physically active, mentally stimulated and emotionally balanced using a running and mentoring program. Upon joining RunningDog, volunteers are provided basic training. This year, we are really excited to offer continued training for our voluteers. We have recently started offering canine body language classes and are in the process of starting up canine CPR/First Aid classes. RunningDog partners with One of a Kind Pets; Summit City Animal Control; Maggie's Mission and Stark Humane Society.

In your "spare" time, you also have a dog sitting business and use the WoofPack dog walking bag when walking the dogs. What do you like about WoofPack?"

WoofPack is a comfortable way to carry all the necessities while I am out on the trails with a dog. Not only is it a great way to carry waste until I can find a trash can, but I can carry my phone, keys, treats, first aid supplies and pepper spray comfortably in all the roomy pockets. Having so many different pockets is nice so that my keys aren't bumping against my phone and my pepper spray isn't being jostled by all my other gear.

Would you encourage other dog sitters or owners to carry WoofPack? Why?

I would encourage any dog handler to carry the WoofPack if for no reason that safety. It is a convenient and hygienic way to carry waste, but also a great way to make sure you have first aid supplies in case of an emergency.

RunningDog is hosting a fun pet event in early September at Hardesty Park. Tell us a bit about it.

We plug RunningDog as our annual fundraiser. Here is a quote I use, "PlayingDog, the carnival for dogs!" PlayingDog is an activity based "paws on" canine enrinchment event. Our mission is to promote mental and physical stimulation for your furry family member through puzzle play and physical activity. We are inviting the community to join us and challenge your canine companion at our PlayingDog hub. When you arrive with your furry family member, you will purchase tickets for each activity, much like the county fair. You can purchase enough tickets to participate in each activity with no buyer's remorse. If you dog refuses to interact with the complicated puzzle like SpinningDog, you can use the tickets for something else like our GlamourDog salon treatment. And if all else fails and your dog won't interact at any activities, the purchased tickets can also be used for our gift basket raffles!

You can support RunningDog through volunteerism or donations. Learn more about RunningDog and the annual PlayingDog event at Follow RunningDog at Interested in starting a RunningDog program in your community? Contact Bev at

Like Bev, you'll be glad you carry WoofPack when on-the-go with your pet. Order your WoofPack today.

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