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Check out the latest news about WoofPack. And before you head out the door with your BFFF (best furry friend forever), be sure to take your WoofPack Dog Walking Accessory Bag.


 WoofPack featured in AMAFeed #petsAMA



Modern Dog magazine 2018 Fave Find




WoofPack Accessory Bag is a 2018 Fave Find!

WoofPack Dog Walking Accessory Bag was recently featured in Modern Dog magazine as 2018 FAVE FIND. [Read more...]









Melissa (aka Barking from the Bayou) takes WoofPack for a stroll with expert testers Bentley and Pierre!

Barking About the WoofPack Dog Accessory Bag

One of the best things about being a dog lifestyle blogger is the chance to discover and share awesome new products with y'all. My new favorite must-have is the WoofPack™ Dog Walking Accessory Bag. It checks every box for a pet parent on the go! [Read more...]


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Catch me, Marley! Micah leads Marley in a merry game of tag

Meet Micah & Marley


Introducing Micah and Marley! Find out more about WoofPack's Goldendoodle Duo including how they stay so active, favorite toys and Micah's curious obsession with socks (and shredding paper)! [Read more...]


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