The Pet Parents' Solution to Carrying  Bags of Dog Waste

Introducing the WoofPack by Waggin' Trails

Love being on-the-go with your furry friend but find carrying smelly bags of doggy poo spoils an otherwise pleasant outing? Frustrated at not having enough pockets to stash personal items?

Meet your new favorite Pack, a multi-functional carryall that's roomier than a fanny pack and lighter, more accessible than a backpack. It's perfect for all your adventures with your furry friend. Travel with the Pack and free yourself forever from the burden of lugging waste-filled bags. Never again juggle multiple items or be weighed down by overstuffed pockets.


Hands-Free Dog Walking

WoofPack: Your "Go-To" Dog Walking Carryall

A Better Solution to Carrying Waste-Filled Bags

4 Ways to Wear WoofPack

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Want to Personalize the WoofPack Flap?

We can embroider the WoofPack flap with the names of you and your BFFF or your organization. Contact us for more information. 

WoofPack is Put to the Test in the Colorado Mountains

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Both men and women love the Pack for its ease-of-use and versatility. It's also suitable for teens as well!

Love WoofPack

"I've been using WoofPack for two years and love it. It's a great bag to take when on-the-go with my dogs, whether out walking or attending doggy events. Love the material. It's a such a versatile bag that's perfect for active dog owners."

Kelley Spears

A Functional Bag

"The WoofPack makes walking the dogs much easier. I really like its functionality. The Velcro enables easy accessibility to all the pockets. Plus it's lightweight - it doesn't weigh you down."

Brad Lightner

Perfect for Outings

"I think the WoofPack is really well-made, sensible and functionable. It's perfect for our quick morning walks or our longer weekend hikes. I like the antimicrobial lining and many pockets to keep things clean and tidy inside."

Brylyn Felty

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