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Crazy Dog Lady Invents Dog Walking Carryall

Lisa BastCall me a crazy dog lady who loves being on-the-go with her dog. Like you, I imagine, walks with my dog serves as both bonding and exercise time. But having to hold stinky poop bags often spoils an otherwise enjoyable experience. Plus, I don't feel comfortable having both hands "tied up" while walking my pet, especially when jogging.

I wanted a "go-to" multipurpose bag that was lightweight and easy to carry. A fashionable, unisex carryall that would store smelly dog waste bags without residual odor. One in which I could put my keys or garage door opener, mobile phone, doggy poop bags - even Kleenex during cold and allergy seasons.

That's why I created the WoofPack. I love its convenience and ease of use. It's a dog walking accessory bag that I wouldn't leave home without. And, WoofPack is made in the U.S.A. To me, portability + practicality + utility = cool dog walking gear.

From one passionate dog lover to another, I hope you, too, will find WoofPack an invaluable dog walking and hiking accessory bag that takes the "stink"  and burden out of carrying filled doggy waste bags when out and about with your beloved pet.

Happy adventures!