About WoofPack

Crazy Dog Mom Invents Dog Walking Accessory

Lisa BastCall me a crazy dog lady who loves being on-the-go with my very active Goldendoodle, Micah. Like you, I imagine, walks with my dog serves as both bonding and exercise time. But having to hold stinky poop bags often spoils an otherwise enjoyable experience. Plus, I don't feel comfortable having both hands "tied up" while walking my pet. And really, who wants to wave "hi" to neighbors with a hand carrying bagged waste?

I wanted a "go-to" multi-functional bag that was lightweight and easy-to-carry. A fashionable, unisex carryall that would hold smelly dog waste bags without odor. One in which I could put my keys or garage door opener, mobile phone, doggy poop bags and treats- even Kleenex during cold and allergy seasons. There's not enough pockets for all that!

That's why I created the WoofPack - for the active dog lover like you, in mind. You'll love its convenience and ease-of-use. It's a dog walking accessory bag you won't want to leave home without. And, WoofPack is made in the U.S.A.

I hope you'll find that portability + versality + utility = cool dog walking gear.

From one passionate dog lover to another, I want you, too, to have a hands-free, more enjoyable on-the-go experience with your pets. You'll find WoofPack to be a valuable (& fashionable) carryall that takes the "stink" out of carrying waste-filled bags.

Wishing You Happy Trails!

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