Frequently Asked Questions

What materials is the WoofPack made from?

The exterior of the bags are made with water-resistant polyester or nylon material. 

The inner lining is made from 70 denier polyester taffeta with ripstop reinforcement and coated with a double layer of polyurethane. It is water-resistant, moisture-resistant and antimicrobial.

The snap clips are antique brass nickel-plated and won't rust or corrode.


How do I return the WoofPack?


All sales are final. The WoofPack is made to be durable, functional and fashionable. However, if the bag is damaged causing it to be non-functional, we are happy to replace it. Your bag is made under strict standards so your bag should arrive in excellent condition and stay that way with normal use.


Can I wash my WoofPack?


It is recommended that WoofPack be wiped clean with a warm cloth and allowed to air dry. Because of the hardware, it isn't recommended the Pack be put into the washing machine.


Is the strap adjustable?


Yes, the strap can be easily adjusted so the bag can be worn:

    1.  Cross-body
    2.  Over-the-shoulder
    3.  Around the waist
    4.  The strap can also be removed to allow the snap to be worn through a belt loop  at the hip


      How long is the strap?


      The strap is approximately 35" when adjusted to the full length.


      How do I store the doggy poop in the WoofPack dog pack?


      Bag the doggy waste like you normally would, tie off the bag and simply insert bag into the inner compartment. The velcro strip allows for quick, easy opening and closing of the compartment. At first, the Velcro may hold strong but will relax with regular use. It is suggested you leave pockets open for quicker access to items as needed but it is highly recommended fastening the Velcro on the inner compartment once bagged dog waste is stored.


      Where can I store the doggy waste bags?


      If you have a canister of doggy poop bags, you can clip it to either of the “D” rings on the strap. Or, you can put plastic bags in any of the pockets for easy removal.


      How many bags of dog waste can I store in the inner compartment?


      You easily store up to 3 - 5 filled doggy waste bags (depending on size of waste) in the inner compartment.


      Where can I put my personal items in the WoofPack dog pack?


      WoofPack dog pack has 3 generous sized pockets to store your cell phone, keys, garage door opener, kleenex, dog treats – even medication. The velcro strips allow for quick, easy open and close of pockets.


      What size is WoofPack dog pack?


      WoofPack dog pack measures 8.5" L; 8" W; 2" D; and weighs 7.5 ounces. It is designed to comfortably hold bagged doggy waste and personal items without weighing you down.


      Does the WoofPack come in different colors?


      Yes. You can chose from forest green/taupe; black/camo; black/taupe; navy/taupe and red/tan color combinations.


      What if I have other questions about WoofPack?


             Feel free to contact us at: