Customer Testimonials

Easy to Carry

I am pleased to recommend the WoofPack product for dog lovers everywhere. Since I have purchased the WoofPack I have really enjoyed my walks with my dog even more. This product is easy to carry, use, and is attractive to wear. I think this would be an item everyone would want to add to their dog collection.

~Jeanne Synder

Great for Jogging

I love the WoofPack! It's attractive, convenient, comfortable, easy to use, clean and odor-free. I really like the many different ways you can wear the bag up -- across your shoulder, around your waist, etc. And I like using the bag when jogging with my dog, so I don't have to have anything in my hands.

~ Barb Hatala

Convenient, Well-Designed Bag

I have been using WoofPack for a few weeks now and it's great! I no longer have a tangled stash of plastic bags in every coat or sweater pocket! I hang WoofPack by my dog's leash and when we want to take a walk, I just grab WoofPack, throw in my cell phone and we are ready to go. The bag is well-made, lightweight, comfortable and has several convenient pockets. I like to wear it cross-body but will be trying other ways to wear it as well. I worried at first about residual smell after many uses, but with the antimicrobial lining, I don't have to worry about it after all. I am enjoying my morning walks so much more as I don't have to carry a stinky plastic bag and we're getting out the door much faster. Thanks, WoofPack, for a convenient and well-designed product!

~Judy Smith

My "Go-To" Bag for Dog Training

The WoofPack is my "go-to" bag when training dogs. WoofPack offers compartments for cell phone, keys, treats. It is versatile and can be worn multiple ways. I really like that it has an inner antimicrobial lined compartment that neutralizes doggy poo smell. I highly recommend the WoofPack for any avid dog owner.

~Ally Notch, owner of A Notch Above K9 Training

Lightweight Enough for an Arthritis Sufferer

The lightweight quality of WoofPack has been a life-saver for me. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis which makes it difficult to hold or carry larger purses or sacks. I can simply clip the bag to my belt loop. I love the multiple compartments for cellphone, keys - even lipstick! 

~Toni Rae Szanto