Happy Howl-idays: 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Dog Lover

Happy Howl-idays: 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Dog Lover

Happy Howl-idays: 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Dog Lover

Christmas may be around the corner, but there's still time to shop for the dog lover in the family - or for your own pet. Here's some interesting data about the dog lovers' shopping persona during the holidays:

  • According to the Gallup polling organization, 44% of Americans - over 100 million - are dog owners
  • 68% of dog owners purchase holiday gifts for their pets
  • Pet owners spend more than $60 billion annually on their furry friends, according to Fortune.

Santa Paws Top 10 List

It can be challenging to find the right gift for your - or someone else's furry family member amid the plethora of toys and treats on the market. Here are 10 gift ideas from high-tech to practical to consider:

  1. A waterproof, washable car seat cover helps prevent muddy paws from staining the car seats when out and about with your pet. Simply remove seat cover when washing is needed.
  2. Outer wear for harsh winter days provides extra protection from outside elements. You can choose from doggy jackets with a heated lining or cotton-knit sweaters to snowsuits and rain gear.
  3. Water-resistant, durable dog boots to protect sensitive paws from snow and ice.
  4. Monthly toy delivery service or a professional dog walking service. Any dog owner knows how tough their furry friends can be on toys. The convenience of a monthly pet toy delivery service like BarkBox can be a blessing. Likewise, for the pet owner with a busy schedule, consider the gift of a dog walking service for a month or two. It's reassuring to know the dog is getting the adequate exercise he or she requires. Find a local pet walker on rover.com.
  5. Personalized dog bowls may be a bit frivolous - but it's a unique gift for the extra-spoiled pooch who has everything.
  6. A dog bed that easy to clean and provides generous and resilient cushioning is a great gift for a pooch who needs his own sleeping space. The bed should be large enough to easily accommodate the dog's body size. There are a variety of beds from which to choose - from orthopedic to self-warming.
  7. A dog monitoring camera provides an easy way for dog owners to check up on their pups while away from home. Some models even have two-way microphones and dispense dog treats.
  8. Furry friend not micro-chipped? A GPS-enabled dog tracking device - such as a smart dog collar - enables pet owners to quickly find straying pets. Pricing on these tracking devices have dropped steadily, making them more affordable for many pet owners.
  9. A gift basket filled with doggy products is always welcome. Fill the basket with healthy dog treats, toys, shampoo and other items. You can find a variety of pet products at most pet and discount stores.
  10. For those who are seeking a truly unique gift, why not consider a hand-painted portrait of your furry family member? Vicki Boatright owner of BZTAT Studios is a talented artist who has rendered hundreds of colorful, breathtaking pet portraits enjoyed by pet parents nationwide. You can view Vicki's amazing work at www.bztat.com.

Look for the above pet products at PetSmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond, BarkBox and Walmart. Additionally, you can search Amazon to find the best bargains for pet toys and high-tech gadgets.

Let's face it - our pets are an integral part of our families and deserve to be remembered at Christmas.

During the rush of the holiday season, be sure to carve out a little time to spend with your pet. The best gift you can give your dog is your time. Plus, a short walk does wonders to provide needed exercise and promotes healthy bonding. Take along your WoofPack for a more enjoyable dog walking experience.

Merry Christmas!

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