Pup Pops: for the Dog Days of Summer

Pup Pops: for the Dog Days of Summer

Pup Pops Offer Healthy Snack for Dogs at Summertime

Want a simple homemade treat for your pup that's not only healthy but offers a "cool" pop of yum? Try this easy recipe. My dog Micah loves yogurt, so I thought he'd really enjoy these cool treats - and he does!


1. Non-fat plain Greek yogurt. I use Greek yogurt because it's packed with protein. You can use regular or Greek yogurt, plain or vanilla.

2. Blueberries, finely chopped strawberries or bananas. Mix it up for variety.

3. Ice cube tray. In this case, I used a decorative tray with a tulip design for spring, but a regular ice cube tray works just as well.


Spoon a bit of the yogurt into the tray. Add a couple of blueberries or some finely chopped strawberries or bananas. Spoon another layer of yogurt over the fruit. Use spoon to smooth the yogurt over the top of the fruit. Repeat process until the tray is filled with yogurt and fruit.

Put tray into the freezer and freeze for 2-4 hours or until firm. When ready, pop out the pup pops and put into your dog's food dish. Watch your furry friend enjoy this tasty, healthy treat!

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